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Alice Says Thursdays: FreshGradGal - AliceWonders – The Online Shopping Realm

Alice Says Thursdays: FreshGradGal

Time for Alice Says Thursdays!! This week, we have a letter from FreshGradGal.

Dear Alice,

I just graduated! YAY ME! Thing is, in this ever gloomy economic crisis, looking for a great job is like looking for a needle in a haystack! I need a new bag to congratulate myself on my graduation (which by the way was hard work enough) AND inspire me to continue searching for that perfect job! Something classy for everyday use, and yet professional and chic to convince my employers of my ability! Alice, Please Help!



Dear FreshGradGal,


WOW!! You made it! Graduated and made your parents proud! Alice is very proud of you too!

So now, you’re entering the rat race eh?! Need a special bag eh?!

I’ve got JUST THE BAG for YOU – Rose Quartz Soft Large Tote

A classic faux leather carrier is just what you need!! Made from a leather material so soft, you would have no problem carrying it around everywhere at anytime!

A purplish-grey beauty that is casual enough for everyday use and yet not too slouchy to give off that laid back professional vibe!

Every fold and crease was specially designed to look worn and yet oh-so-architecturally-CHIC!

And did I mention how SPACIOUS it is?! Fits all the documents and resumes you need to tote around to impress the socks off your future employer amongst other things. ;-)

Comes in a subtle but elegant grey that enhances the neutral tones of your office wear, and has two cute ribbon-like pleats at the edges of the handle!





Height : 25 cm/ 10 inches

Width : 42 cm/ 16.5 inches

Depth : 18 cm/ 7 inches

Verdict: So comfortable and huge that you can easily stuff a turkey!

Price: RM105 (Buy me NOW)

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  1. ezzati says:

    is this bag still available?

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